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[Review] Candy Shop – Girls don’t cry

The girls from Candy Shop are back with their second mini-album ‘Girls Don’t Cry’. We’re super curious, so let’s take a look!

Girls don’t cry

We start off with the first of two title tracks. ‘Don’t cry’ is described as “It emphasizes the importance of friendship, overcoming difficulties and going on a journey together.” This is a lovely synth pop track with a nice progression and a fast pace.

Next up is ‘Tumbler (hot & cold)’. This is the second title track. I enjoyed this one a lot. It’s a bit more laidback and uses a cool electric guitar in the background instrumental. The rap verse is a nice addition as well.

We’re going R&B for the track ‘Welcome to my world’ where Candy Shop welcomes us into their world. This is a great track with a sick beat and an interesting layering. Their vocals really shine in this one, the vocals are quite rich!

The closing track is a remix of ‘Good Girl’ which was released on their first mini-album.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Girls don’t cry’ by Candy Shop on Spotify here.

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