Photo Credits: Interpark Music Plus

TRENDZ Shines with New Single Album ‘Dreamlike’

TRENDZ is back with their fourth single album, ‘Dreamlike’. This release features three brand-new tracks and a live band version of their pre-release song ‘Go Up’. Let’s dive into these fresh tunes and see what TRENDZ has brought to the table!

The title track, ‘GLOW’, kicks off the album with refreshing melodies and groovy vocals. The song’s composition and layering beautifully highlight the members’ talents, creating a captivating listening experience. The music video showcases their performance prowess and pristine visuals, making it a must-watch.

Next up is ‘Out of Control’, a track that blends synth, EDM, and hip-hop elements into a vibrant and energetic song. Its mixing is playful and unexpected, with the members delivering fantastic harmonies and lyrics that add an exciting twist to the track.

Following ‘Out of Control’ is the enchanting ballad ‘Learn to Love’, sung entirely in English. This song brings a soft instrumental and nostalgic composition reminiscent of 90s ballads. It’s a beautiful and tender addition to their discography, showcasing their versatility.

The album concludes with the live band version of ‘Go Up’, bringing a refreshing take on the pre-released single and wrapping up the album with cool, vibrant vibes.

TRENDZ’s fourth single album, ‘Dreamlike’, offers a delightful mix of music that’s both captivating and versatile. We thoroughly enjoyed the sound of this release. Check it out and let us know in the comments which track is your favourite!

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