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[Review] ASTRO – Drive to the Starry Road

ASTRO just dropped their third album ‘Drive to the Starry Road‘. With this release they want to start a new journey along with AROHA.

The sub-units Moonbin & Sanha and JinJin & Rocky, have been rocking the stage with their latest releases, and were looking forward to hear what this group has prepared this time. Let’s check the music.

Drive to the Starry Road

The title track ‘Candy Sugar Pop‘ opens up this release with old school funk and disco. This single is a total bop. I really loved the musical arrangement and the vocals and rapping, definitely a single to vibe to. The sax they added in the track was such an amazing touch. A ten out of ten.

We all know that ASTRO’s visuals are out of this world but in the music video for the title track they really go off to the next level. The aesthetics, sets, colours and camera work are just splendid. The CGI was super well done and I just loved every single second of this MV. Check it below.

Groovy vibes come along with ‘Something Something‘ and its fantastic retro inspirations. I loved the harmonisations and adored the synth line, and a special mention has to be given to the vocal line and the bridge in this song, absolutely flawless.

More‘ follows up with a more intense feel and a rather dark style. I really dig this more serious vibe and the emotions in their lyrical delivery are not joke. ‘Light the sky‘ changes the direction with a soft musical arrangement that had me smiling all the way while listening to this song. It is just super sweet and wholesome. I just love soft ASTRO b-sides.

Solo songs

Electric guitar acoustics follow up with MJ’s solo single ‘Story‘. He really poured his emotions with this single. The transition from acoustics to the full orchestration made this single so powerful and overwhelmingly beautiful.

JinJin’s solo single ‘All Day‘ takes over and this single is an extension of the track ‘Lazy’ released in his sub-unit project. As expected this track is a total bop packed his his unique swag and awesome rapping. A total vibe.

First Love‘ is a Cha Eun-Woo solo track and it is nothing but sweetness and soft singing. The piano instrumentation made this single charming and the solo guitar was an amazing touch. Get ready to fall in love with this single.

R&B takes over with Moonbin’s solo ‘Let’s go ride‘. As we expected he released a sensual bop to vibe to. This song is nothing but smoothness and vocal perfection. A special mention need to go to his ad-libs and falsettos, they are out of this world.

S#1.‘ is Rocky’s solo single and with this song we get a bit of a storytelling feel and intense emotions with his lyrical delivery and raw rapping. I loved the full concept of this song and how well planned and executed it is (note: after you finish reading this review go straight to the lyrics translation to appreciate the story narrated).

The last solo single is by Sanha and the song ‘24 Hours‘, with this one he takes a more pop/R&B style. His airy vocals in this song really feel like a whisper to the ears, absolutely breathtaking and lovely to listen to.

We get to the end of the album with ‘Like stars‘ and its synth-pop style. This single was the perfect end for this very surprising and diverse release. They definitely showed a completely new side and I just loved listening their musical growth.

Make sure to listen to this release here.

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