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Rapper in the Spotlight: Loco

Kwon Hyuk-woo (a.k.a. Loco) started his career as an unknown rapper who participated in the first season of Show Me The Money in 2012. He won the survival show and signed with AOMG in 2014.

SMTM became a stepping stone in his career. He gained a lot of recognition for his performances and at the finale he performed the song ‘See The Light’ featuring Gray. After the show he also became part of the Hip Hop Crew ‘VV:D’ along with Zion T., Elo, Gray and Crush (this crew breathes talent).

The crew hasn’t been active in a couple of years though they do collaborate with each other releases sometimes. Here is a legendary performance with the complete crew from 2014 (be ready for some incredible music running for 45 min).

Loco released his first mini album ‘Locomotive’ in 2014. This release is heartwarming, all the songs are incredible and the features are just fire. My favourite collaboration in this album is in the track ‘Hold me tight’ featuring Crush. This song is super romantic, part of the lyrics go like this:

“I want to pat you on the head
You worked hard today as well
Let’s go somewhere this weekend
But for now, close your eyes and lean on my arm”

“Baby, I only have you
You can comfortably come into my arms today
Don’t be scared
This night is brightly greeting us”

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Check out his collab with Jay Park in the song ‘Thinking About You’. Here is the MV.

In 2015 he released the single ‘Respect’ featuring Gray and DJ Pumpkin. This song is a shoutout to self-love and self acceptance. Part of the lyrics go like this:

“Fit for my heart, fit for my body
I’ll live however I want, being myself
Fit for my feet, fit for my style
I’ll ride however I want, being myself”

“Respect yourself
Be proud of yourself
Make a fist (make a strong fist)
Shout to the sky (shout higher)
Express yourself
Just be yourself (..)”

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‘You Too’ ft. Cha Cha Malone has one of my favourite lyrics by Loco. This song is full of positivity and encouragement. He shares his journey whilst motivating his fans not to give up their dreams. In the lyrics he expresses how he continued his journey in music even when people told him it was a waste of time. Here’s some of the lyrics:

“ (…) But if you’re listening to this voice
If you saw me on stage
I’m becoming the me that I dreamed of
You’ll become the you that you dreamed of too
Even if no one recognizes the you of right now
It won’t be just a winter’s night dream
If you feel the warmth of your heart right now (…)”

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In 2017 Loco released his first studio album titled ‘Bleached’. He had many memorable features in this album, one of my favourites is the Dean’s one for the song ‘Too Much’. The MV for this track is stunning. The shots are super artistic and the concept is unique. Check it out and let me know what you think of this music video.

Another memorable mention is his collaboration with DPR Live for the song ‘Movie Shoot’. Check out this music video directed by DPR Ian. The aesthetics are on point.

Later on that year he released his EP ‘Summer Go Loco’. This extended play is super chill, and it totally does justice to its name. Check out the MV for the title track. 

In 2018, Loco’s collab with Mamamoo’s Hwasa for the show ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ topped the charts. ‘Don’t’ won the Trend Award in the MMA and the Hot Issue Entertainer Award in the KBS entertainment awards. Here is the MV.

He also released the singles ‘Post it’ ft. Jay Park, ‘It Takes Time’ ft. Colde and ‘Late Night’ ft. Gray. Here are the MVs.

His latest comeback was in 2019 with the extended play ‘Hello’. It was released before his enlistment. The title track ‘It’s been a while’ ft. Zion T. felt like his farewell song to his fans. It is heartwarming and super honest. Check out the MV below.

Loco has definitely worked hard since his debut, he has constantly put music out and had many features with other artists as well. He is extremely talented and we cannot wait to check out his new music when he finishes his military service. In the meantime, check out his releases and features, I can assure you will have hours of great music.

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