Photo Credits: WAVY

MV Rec: Milena – Letter

The New Year is starting in a couple of days, and what better way to say goodbye to 2021 than listening to Wavy’s new artist Milena and her candid single ‘Letter’.

First of all, if you are looking to listen to comforting vocals and soulful singing, check out the couple of singles she has released, they are absolutely wonderful. 

Letter’ is not just comforting for the soul, but also has lovely storytelling in its music video. This MV shows the story of a mother and daughter, or sisters, depending on the viewer’s interpretation, and how their relationship is supportive and very wholesome. 

We get a lot of candid shots showing regular moments that become special with their interactions, the setting and the wonderful camera work mixed with Milena’s singing. This music video is touching and stunningly beautiful, so make sure to watch it below. 

Listen to this single here

Kathleen Herrera
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