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K-Cover: Soyoon – My House

This week’s K-Cover is dedicated to Soyoon from Se So Neon and her cover of ‘My House’. We’re big fans of Soyoon and her awesome vocals so when I discovered this cover, I was stoked.

‘My House’ is originally a 2PM song that came out in 2015. Soyoon really did an amazing version of this by making it darker and giving it a fantastic guitar solo. I would pay money to get this version on Spotify. It’s dark, gloomy, EDM-infused rock and it’s awesome.

2PM recently came back with a new mini-album, which I recommend listening to. It’s a vibe. You can find our review for that here

But first, go ahead and be blown away by this version of ‘My House’ by 2PM in all its moody rock glory.

If you want to listen to the original, you can click here

Ilse Van Den Heede
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