Jeonghan and Wonwoo team up for ‘Last Night’

Our boys from SEVENTEEN, Jeonghan and Wonwoo teamed up for their first duo single album ‘THIS MAN’.

Here’s part of the album description: “[THIS MAN] is an album inspired by an urban legend about people around the world witnessing a man through their dreams and reinterpreting it as their own original story. The captivating story of Jeonghan, a man who creates a ‘dream’ that anyone would be willing to follow, Wonwoo, a man who wakes up from his dream for a ‘reality’ that may be more meaningful than the dream, and the city people who long for them while retaining mixed memories of the two men. It unfolds.”

It makes for an intriguing tale as we take a closer look at ‘This Man’.

The first track is the title track ‘Last Night‘ featuring guitar by Park Juwon. This track is a blend of Latin rhythm, acoustic guitar and contemporary synths. It creates a unique listening experience leaving you wanting more. I’m really digging this vocal layeirng and the rich instrumentals.

Next up is the Jeonghan solo ‘Beautiful Monster’. We’re going for a mid-tempo R&B track with Jeonghan’s beautiful warm vocals.

‘Leftover’ is Wonwoo’s solo and delivers a stunning ballad which literally gave me chills. The instrumentals create a dramatic stage for Wonwoo’s gutwrenching vocals.

‘THIS MAN’ is a stunning single album by Jeonghan and Wonwoo. Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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