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[Review] EVNNE – RIDE or DIE

EVNNE is back with new music in their new mini-album ‘RIDE or DIE’. Since their debut this group has not stopped releasing total bops that had us either vibing or wanting to hit the club. Their music has only gotten better release after release, and we are looking forward to listen what they have prepared for this 3rd mini.

Let’s dive right into the music and check it out!


Opening this released is the title track ‘Badder Love’, with a lovely synth and great guitar instrumentals this song evolves with a rather nostalgic and refreshing sound. The vocals, rapping and overall progression is lovely, definitely with more soft-summery vibe that is completely new to their discography.

As the song the music video plays with warm tones, pretty visuals and candid shots, mixed with fantastic dance sequences and a lot of soul. Watch it below:

‘I <3 U (I love U)’ takes over next with playful tunes in a POP/R&B single that shows off the charms of the members. The delicate vocals and harmonies in this song are beautiful, and it only gets better with the fun twists this song offers.

With a fast progression that keeps listeners on their toes ‘XO‘ plays off. The full arrangement in this song is edgy, fun and refreshing. It is very much EVNNE’s vibe with a twist and we loved the full style of it.

2X‘ plays off to show a softer side of this group, with lovely R&B instrumentals and a stunning melody line. This single is slow-paced, pretty and dreamy, it focuses on the members vocals and lyrical delivery letting listeners appreciate their talent.

With a great hip-hop and pop rhythm ‘Boom Bari‘ is next, this single shows a more playful and vibey side of EVNNE, with fantastic ad-libs, hype chanting, and a playfulness that makes it super charming to listen to.

Closing this mini is the english version of ‘Badder Love’, bringing even closer this group with international fans.

EVNNE’s ‘RIDE or DIE’ was indeed a ride full of surprises, this release totally brought out their unique charm through a variety of genres and their insane talent. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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