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[Indie Pick] INSE

Our latest Indie Pick is all about singer-songwriter Lee In-se (INSE). If you enjoy soft indie folk vocals, keep on reading. 

Beginnings & CORONA (the band)

INSE won the MBC College Musicians Festival in 2010 with his single ‘With You’.

It took almost five years for him to come back with new music, because he was busy becoming a doctor. He doesn’t just release solo music, he’s also part of the band CORONA. 

Here’s a video of his busking days with the band.

CORONA released a single in 2015 together with Eddy Kim. 

They were also on Superstar K where they reached the top 5 with their single ‘Shine’.

Their first official release was the single ‘My Way’. That guitar solo is so, so good!

The band is really good and pretty much deserves an article of their own. For now I’ll go back to INSE’s solo work. Though if you want to dive into the band CORONA’s music, you can click here for their Spotify.


His first solo release since being in the band was in 2019 with the single ‘You’re My Sunshine’.

After that he released the single ‘Dear Little Flower’ in 2021. You can find the translated lyrics here.

In the beginning of this year, INSE was also on ‘I Can See Your Voice’.

His single ‘Let it Bloom’ is still one of my favorites. It’s effortlessly soft and I really enjoy his vocals.

His first solo EP was released not too long ago. We also featured it in our Weekly Indie Report. It’s a collection of some of the previous singles in addition to the new title track ‘Blossom’.

Honestly INSE has a great discography with soft folk ballads and then more indie rock with his band CORONA. It makes for a very entertaining listen and I’m just waiting for him to blow up in the scene. 

You can find INSE on Spotify here.

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