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Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Singles of the Week! This week, we saw a surge of incredible releases from some of the most legendary names in K-Pop. Get ready for a solid week of music as we dive into these exciting new tracks.

First up, INFINITE made a comeback with their single, ‘Flower’. This soft pop track is infused with powerful emotions and incredible vocals that will captivate you. Dive into the feels and watch the live clip below:

Next, CSR surprised us with their single album, ‘L’heure Bleue : Prologue’. The mixes, composition, and vocals in this release are outstanding, further cementing their unique musical identity. 

We got a taste of the super show with Super Junior’s single ‘Show Time’. This track is fun, charismatic, and quintessentially Super Junior. Learn more about this lively single here.

The always enchanting SUNMI released her latest single, ‘Balloon in Love’. This charming soft-pop track features lively instrumentals and synths, making it the perfect refreshing summer song. 

ounding off this week’s hits is BOL4 with their single, ‘Lips’ featuring Aespa’s Giselle. This track embraces the summer vibes with refreshing tunes, a jazzy touch, and fantastic vocal contrasts. Listen to this delightful collaboration below:

That wraps up this week’s top releases! Let us know in the comments which track captured your attention the most!

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