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[Brand Deep Dive] Glow Recipe

For this week’s Brand Deep Dive we are sharing the lovely product lines of a brand that keeps rising in popularity globally with their formulation and colourful packaging. This week we are talking about Glow Recipe.


Glow Recipe is well-known for its fruit based skincare that helps the skin stay glowy. Taking it a step further, this brand also aims to create a community of skincare lovers and its main principles are inclusivity, individuality and sustainability, 

On their website, they express that they want the skincare to become a process that goes step by step. They always aim to achieve realistic outcomes, rooted in the philosophy that all skin types are beautiful, and we just have to look after it as we do with our own health. 

All their formulations are clinically proven and they also claim to use the highest quality ingredients for their formulas, and being completely transparent about their ingredients. 

This brand has a rather wide product range that tackles different skin concerns, so let’s go through their lines and their benefits by the main fruit.


Starting off with the watermelon line, we already get a wide diversity of production including the PHA+BHA Toner, Sunscreen, Clay Mask, Serum and even body cream. 

The watermelon line is explained to be suitable for all skin types, and with its ingredients aims to hydrate the skin and achieve the glowy look. However, depending on the product exfoliating and pore tightening properties can also be found. 

Plump Plump 

Photo Credits: Glow Recipe

With a rich antioxidant formula, the Plum line is all about deep hydration through the all-time favourite hyaluronic acid and of course plump.

This line is said to hydrate each layer of the skin and helps diminish fine lines while also leaving the skin “plumpy”, fresh and dewy.


Photo Credits: Glow Recipe

With anti-blemish and clearing properties the Strawberry Serum, is a stand alone product targeted toward oily, combination, normal and dry skin. 

With a formula including BHA+AHA and salicylic acid, this serum is definitely something to try out to smooth textured skin while soothing it.


Photo Credits: Glow Recipe

Suitable for all skin types, the Guava serum, helps the skin with uneven skin tones, dullness and elasticity. This serum includes five forms of vitamin C and guava extract that helps achieve an even skin tone and minimise irritation. 


Photo Credits: Glow Recipe

With calming and soothing properties the avocado line divides itself into a sleeping mask target toward dry, sensitive and normal skin that helps to moisturise, de-puff, brighten and even fight fine lines; on the other hand, the serum version of this line is suitable for all skin types, and helps combat redness and dullness by hydrating with its nutrient rich formula. 


Including just a balm cleanser, the papaya line, is the perfect start of the routine for all skin types, to remove dirt, make-up and all the impurities on the skin. 

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In their website it is explained that this product is the perfect start for people doing double cleansing, and even includes vitamins A, C, and E, to keep the skin hydrated. 


Photo Credits: Glow Recipe

Suitable for all skin types but ideally for sensitive skin, the Banana Souffle Moisture Cream, is described as a light moisturiser that hydrates and also includes calming ingredients.  

This moisturiser includes our personal favourite Centella Asiatica, and it even includes magnesium, which helps the skin to maintain their barrier and keep in all the nutrients. 


With just one product at the moment we are writing this article, the Blueberry line has only a cleanser, targeted toward normal, sensitive and oily/combination skin.

Photo Credits: Glow Recipe

This product claims to clear the skin from impurities and hydrate it without stripping out the natural oils. Definitely a must have. 

For a full list of ingredients and skin care tips check their website, and for awesome recommendations and new product drops, make sure to keep an eye on their Instagram. We will for sure try out the products of Glow Recipe. 

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