Photo Credits: NV Entertainment

Woo!ah! is back with the single album ‘QURIOUS’

2020 rookies Woo!ah! are back with a brand new single album, including the tracks ‘Round and Round’, ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘I Don’t Miss U’.

The first single ‘Round and Round‘ is packed with beautiful harmonies, mixed with an electronic backtrack that gives this song a playful touch. The vocals of this girl group are incredible, well balanced, an easy listen with great vocal tone.

The title track ‘Bad Girl‘ is almost bubblegum K-pop, very girly and cute with a badass touch, that goes very well with the EDM/bass rich track. The music video is adorable, check it below.

Last on this release is ‘I Don’t Miss U‘ with a soft-pop feeling, the rap-line of Woo!ah! definitely took over this track, I loved their delivery and flow. This song is a very cool listen, a perfect close for this single album.

You can listen to this release here.

Kathleen Herrera
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