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Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B report

The Korean music scene moves fast and we don’t want our readers to miss a release. In our brand new column ‘Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B report’ we will be sharing every Saturday the releases of the week. Let’s start.


G.Soul released his first single since his EP ‘Hate Everything’, featuring indie singer BEN. Now signed under Warner Music Korea, he dropped the single ‘Can Love Be Fair’, and as expected it’s a trip for listeners. 


D. Sanguh released the single ‘O’. This rapper is a new find for me and I have to say it looks promising.

R&B singer Sweet The Kid released the single ‘cocoa’. 

Paloalto, Khundi Panda and SUMIN teamed up for the release of the track ‘Unseen Heroes’. This release was financially supported by The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs in Seoul. The song is introduced as: “(…) a self-reflective letter dedicated to the forgotten everyday independence activists who fought for their country on March 1, 1919 (…)” (

OLNL released the single ‘PAPI’ featuring Soovi.


Lil 9ap and JayKo teamed up for the EP ‘Marigold’.

MC Mong released the album ‘FLOWER 9’ with two title tracks. The features of this release are incredible, make sure to check the tracks ‘There can’t be a good breakup’ featuring Jo Hyun Ah, and ‘STAR’ featuring Chancellor and D.Ark. 


GEMINI and Jay Park teamed up for the release of the music collab with DAZED Korea in the single album ‘Trip’, including the tracks ‘Trip’ and ‘Fake’ featuring Paul Blanco and produced by GroovyRoom.

R&B/Hip-Hop artist OWLER released the extended play ‘Spring Waltz’.

R&B single Xbf released the single ‘Light’.

Layone released the single album ‘Chamelayone’.  


Nucksal dropped the single ‘FEEL THE WAVE’ and we are feeling the summer heat already with this track.

Ash Island released his first full album ‘ISLAND’, this release has some very dope collaborations, including big names in the K Hip-Hop industry like The Quiett, Jay Park and Beenzino. 

This full album overall was well put, I really enjoyed the mix of Ash Island’s signature Hip-Hop style and its rock inspired undertones. My favourite tracks are ‘Over’, ‘Grand Prix’ and ‘Beautiful’, check them out in his Spotify profile here.  

Indie Hip-Hop crew 1300 released the single ‘Brr’.

Junoflo released the single ‘Message In A Bottle’.


Dbo released the singles ‘Meet Up’ and ‘When We Gonna’.

WAVY’s rapper Ahn Byeong Woong dropped his new EP ‘Batanga! (S. alt’ C. oke A .nd T. equila)’, he debuted last year with ‘Bartoon 24’. 

That’s it for this week’s releases. It was a chill week with music for any taste. We will be back next Saturday with a new Hip-Hop/R&B report, see you!

Kathleen Herrera
K-Beauty enthusiast, Drama Lover, Melophile and Foodie, writing about her faves on a daily basis.