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Top 3 Songs Of The Week

For today’s Top 3 we are bringing a mix of hip-hop, pop and a classic that everyone should add to their playlist. Are you ready?

Number 1: TXT – Fairy of Shampoo 

TXT latest release is incredible. If you haven’t listened to it, check it here. One of my favourite tracks is their cover for Light and Salt song’s ‘Fairy of Shampoo’. There’s nothing better than a classic with a modern touch.

Number 2: BlackPink – Forever Young

Summer is here and I had to bring this bop back. ‘Forever Young’ is one of my favourite BlackPink songs, every single beat in this song feels like a celebration of youth and life. And I just love that feeling. Enjoy!

Number 3: pH-1 – Anymore feat. Ash Island

pH-1’s ‘X: The Worst Mixtape’ is a masterpiece from the beginning to the very end, every single song has its own soul and spirit. ‘Anymore’ feat. Ash Island is a gem that everyone should know, it is raw, beautiful and really touching. 

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned because we will be bringing more music from every genre and for every taste. 

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Kathleen Herrera
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