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Top 3

It’s Friday! and that means we are sharing a new TOP 3. For this week I want to share music by queens from second gen. These songs are timeless and the music videos amazing. 

Let’s start. 

Number 1: Secret – Starlight Moonlight

‘Starlight Moonlight’ is a total bop, this song can lift anyone’s mood with its cute and kinda funky tempo. A total legendary K-pop gem.

Number 2: IU – YOU&I

Saying that IU’s music is amazing is an understatement, she always manages to amaze fans with her incredible talent. I particularly love ‘YOU&I’ because of the storytelling in the music video. The song is amazing and the mv just incredible. 

Number 3: SISTAR – Alone

I know I am not alone when I say that I miss SISTAR’s music. These queens are amazing and will always be missed in the K-pop world. 

That was it for this week full of massive throwbacks that are legendary, make sure to check out our playlist here.

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