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The Body Shop Skincare Review

Skincare is something we should start doing in our twenties or even before that. When it comes to looking after your skin, habits and routines are very important as well as knowing what is good for your type of skin and how to use it.

I wish I had known all of these things when I started to look after my skin, everything would have been easier back then. When I started my skincare routine I had a few failures in regards to products composition and I learned the hard way that for my sensitive skin, string chemical mixes are a big no no.

After a few failures with some product I decided to start using The Body Shop products, this is a well known brand and probably what drew me to start using them was the simplicity of the ingredients in many of their products.

I started my skincare journey with the ‘Vitamin E’ range from The Body Shop. This one in particular worked wonders on my already upset skin and gave it the moisture it needed to heal the rashes I had from previous products. I would highly recommend this range for dry and sensitive skin. It will give you the right amount of moisture without leaving the face oily and it feels great on the skin, especially during the cold and dry winter.

To take a look at the full range click the link.

Even though, I absolutely loved what the ‘Vitamin E’ did for my skin, once winter had finished, my skin started to produce a lot of natural oils and ended up looking very glossy, which I didn’t like. I have an acne prone skin so I decided to try out the ‘Tea Tree’ range and let me tell you if you suffer from acne this is the perfect range for you.

The ‘Tea Tree’ range from The Body Shop did for my skin what many other products from other brands hadn’t done. It calmed down the breakouts and it made my skin look clearer and brighter. I’m a fan of the ‘Sleeping Mask’ from this range and I would recommend it to anyone with oily and acne prone skin.

The only thing about the ‘Tea Tree’ range is that it might dry out you skin a little bit, and I really like having a healthy, glowing skin. I felt that their gel moisturizer was great for days in which I had bad breakouts, but it wasn’t the best for my skin when the pimples were gone.

Take a look at the full range here.

After talking with one of the sales advisers from The Body Shop and giving them all the details about the previous ranges I had used, they suggested the ‘Seaweed’ range and up until this day I’m using this range’s moisturizer.

The ‘Seaweed’ range is somewhat the middle ground of the ‘Vitamin E’ one and the ‘Tea Tree’ one. It provides the right amount of moisture an acne prone – oily skin like mine needs. This range is great for sensitive skin and their moisturizer has 15+ SPF, a bit of protection against the sun which is always good to have in any day cream.

(To check the range, click here.

Overall, I’m a fan of these 3 ranges of The Body Shop. They work great on my skin and some of their products are still in my daily skincare routine. These days I can’t stop using their ‘Ginseng Toner’ and their ‘Drops of Light’ face wash. They are both amazing and work great with the different serums I’m using.

What about you? Have you used any range from The Body Shop? If yes, let us know in the comments below. 

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