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[Review] The Eighth Sense

For this week’s review we are talking about a recent drama, with wonderful cinematography and a lot of new faces. Let’s talk about the web series ‘The Eighth Sense’.

Written and produced by Werner du Plessis and Inu Baek, ‘The Eighth Sense’ is a romance  and coming of age drama with an LGBTQ+ thematic. 

Kim Ji Hyun (Oh Jun Taek) has just moved to the city from his small village to study arts in college, he is trying to get used to the big changes that come with leaving a small city to the capital, and trying to adapt to the people in the city, the crowds, the pace of life. 

Ji Hyun however, has managed to find a part time job, where he meets Seo Jae Won (Im Ji Sub), a senior in his university from the business department. As soon as they both meet each other instant chemistry happens, and they start to take an interest in each other.

Surf + Friendship

Ji Hyun who is trying to start doing things out of his comfort zone, signed up to the surf club, where once again he met Jae Won who is one of the trainers and eldest members of the club. On the first club trip, the two bond while he teaches him how to surf, and after a couple of drinks at the beach Jae Won kisses Ji Hyun. 

Ji Hyun however, finds out that Jae Won tends to be extra affectionate after a few drinks, which leaves him confused and wondering if he really likes him or not. 

Back into normal life and university, they both continue on with the friendship that could soon grow into something else. 

Jae Won on his side keeps trying to keep his regular life, going to therapy, and meeting everyone’s expectations, even though he is not sure of what’s next for him. 

Exploring Life

The Eighth Sense’ is a ten episode production exploring young adults figuring out life, and trying to discover what’s next for them. 

This drama touches upon topics such as psychological issues, PTSD, societal expectations, and trying to stay authentic to yourself. It also beautifully shows the growth in the relationship between Ji Hyun and Jae Won, and how their friendship evolves into a relationship where they support and look after each other. 

This production is available on Rakuten Viki, and you can watch the trailer below. 

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