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The girls from STAYC are back with their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘STEREOTYPE. This is a super fun track with fun instrumentals. It has a great build-up and the chorus is really catchy. The girls’ vocals are great and overall it’s a super fun listen.

Next up is ‘I’LL BE THERE’. It’s a contemporary R&B ballad, that makes excellent use of the electric guitar as driving force in the instrumentation. The bass in the back is 10/10. J’s rap verse is beautiful with her more raspy tonality.

‘SLOW DOWN’ is a tropical House track. This is such a wonderful song! It’s a total bop and I wish I was at the beach right now. The instrumentals are well-balanced and the vocals are superb. The chanting in the bridge is super fun! It’s almost a shame that they didn’t release this at the beginning of this summer.

The last track of the mini is ‘COMPLEX’. This is giving me Y2K pop R&B vibes. It’s very groovy and I really enjoyed the guitar in the instrumentals. Towards the end Sieun blesses us with this insane high note! It’s amazing!

Overall, ‘STEREOTYPE’ by STAYC is another great addition to their discography. You can find the mini on Spotify here.

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Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.