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[Review] ROCKY – BLANK

ROCKY is back with new music in his second mini-album ‘BLANK‘, his solo debut had us totally grooving, and we are thrilled to check what he has prepared for this EP.

Let’s get started!


We still love you‘ opens off this releases with pop tempo and instrumentals that add a nostalgic vibe to this song. The electric guitar and flow are are lovely and made this track an easy listen and a solid opening track.

The title track ‘Jealousy‘ follows with an EDM tempo and vibes. This song is very trendy and has a mysterious touch that makes it sexy, unique and refreshing. Just get ready to hit the dance floor and listen to passionate vocals.

Bass and synth take over in ‘Masterpiece‘, groove and an excellent vocal layering are the main highlights of this song, the full composition is fun and packed in little surprises.

Last in this release is ‘Read You‘, a beautifully done up-beat ballad with a mix of EDM and pop, the progression in this song is fantastic and goes off with intense singing and great instrumental build-up. Definitely a solid end with a well-rounded second mini-album.

Listen to this release here.

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