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[Review] RAVI – ROSES

RAVI just dropped his new mini-album ‘ROSES‘. His latest comeback ‘BUM‘ left us shook with its uniqueness, and we are looking forward to see what surprises he is bringing us in this release.

Let’s dive in.


Starting off this release we get ‘FLOWER GARDEN‘ with a trendy and super chill feel. This song is the perfect summer bop, it is an easy listen with an amazing jazzy instrumentation in the outro.

Featuring Wonstein, the title track ‘CARDIGAN‘ plays next. This song balances a very upbeat and cool mix of electronic beats with electric guitar. It was interesting to listen to how Wonstein’s vocals and RAVI’s rapping complemented each other.

The music video is funny and cute at the same time, I really liked how they played with the colors in the sets and how organically the MV flows. Watch it below.

Acoustic instrumentation begins ‘CHEE$E‘ featuring BLNK and Ahn Byeong Woong, I really liked the rapping and flow in this track. It had very much has an old school hip-hop feel I enjoyed.

With a more R&B sound ‘RED VELVET‘ featuring JAMIE plays. The piano riff in this track is super funky and its layering SMOOTH, the piano solo was like the cherry on top for this song, just fantastic.

We get groovy with ‘ROSES‘. In this song RAVI kills it with his verse delivery and the chill vibes in it. ‘FREEZING POINT‘ featuring Xydo’s smooth vocals follows and this song is super good and probably my favourite one so far. RAVI’s low pitched rap delivery is kinda sexy and gives this song a very unique flow.

Closing this release we get ‘I DON’T DENY‘. The backing vocals, the whistling and the acoustic guitar really give this song a bit of an emotional end-of-concert feeling. A fantastic closure for this release.

You can listen to to this mini-album here.

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