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[Review] ONF – Goosebumps

ONF is back with their sixth mini-album ‘Goosebumps’. I am super stoked for this release, as ONF has always delivered amazing content. This will be their last EP for a while as five of the six members are going to their mandatory military service.


We start off with the title track ‘Goosebumps‘. What a powerful title track! I love the bass notes with the dynamic synth distortion that is extremely well balanced with more melodic segments. It really suits the members’ vocal tones and makes for a sexy track. The harmonies in the bridge are so them, I love it.

‘Whistle’ follows that with a smooth intro. Member MK co-composed the track. The meowing is part of the story behind the lyrics. In order to break the curse that turned them into a cat, they have to listen to the whistle. It has an interesting instrumentation that shines in its simplicity.

After that we get ‘Fat and Sugar’. It’s a funky hip-hop track with witty lyrics and a cool rhythm. The chorus is utterly addicting and it’s a vibe.

‘Alarm’ brings us the first ballad of the mini. It is the continuation of the track ‘If We Dream’ from their debut EP ‘ON/OFF’. We’re going full cycle here and it is so wholesome. The focus is super heavy on the vocals but ONF members have the vocal chops to back it up. It’s beautiful and soft. I’m in love.

The closing track is ‘Show Must Go On’. In the album description they wrote that this is the beginning of a new chapter for ONF. It’s a fast paced track with some really sick beats. I really enjoyed the chanting and the whistle like synth.

‘Goosebumps’ by ONF is a lovely mini-album that hosts a variety of styles. It’s a proper send off and I will be counting down the days until they come back.

You can listen to the mini on Spotify here. If you want to check out their previous release, you can click here to read our review.

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