[Review] NAYEON – NA

Our girl Nayeon is back with her second solo mini-album ‘NA’. We’re super stoked, so let’s take a closer look!


We open up with the title track ‘ABCD‘. We’re going early 2000s diva glam. This blend of pop with oldschool hip-hop and strings in the instrumental makes for a fun listen.

Butterflies’ trap beat-based pop track talking about the feeling of a discovering a new love.

Next up is ‘Heaven’ featuring Sam Kim (which is honestly such a vibe – vocal king). In the album description they wrote the following: “An honest and beautiful expression of the feeling of being happy, as if you can reach heaven as long as you have the love of the other person, even in the midst of various changes.” This is contemporary R&B and has super smooth vocals and honestly their vocal blend is stunning.

‘MAGIC’ features Julie from KISS OF LIFE. We’re going for a fun Pop Dance track with a sick rap verse and a funky beat. Let’s welcome the summer together!

Next up is ‘HalliGalli’ produced Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU. It’s “a refreshing melody, exciting house beat, and addictive chorus, comparing the hesitation when falling in love to the game of Halli Galli.” Halli Galli is a speed game where you try to match five fruit cards.

After that comes ‘Something’. This is a fast paced track with UK-garage vibe. I really enjoyed the adlibs and the cool groove.

The closing track is ‘Count it’. We’re going for alternative R&B and the story of falling in love at first sight. It’s a vibe and the beat is kind of a vibe.

You can listen to ‘NA’ by NAYEON on Spotify here.

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