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[Review] Mission: Possible

We’re back with a new film review, this time about the 2021 film ‘Mission: Possible’. If you enjoy an action comedy, keep on reading, because you’ll no doubt like this one.


‘Mission: Possible’ was written and directed by Kim Hyung-joo. The action comedy was a blockbuster hit and we spoke about it during an episode of the best films of the first half of 2021 in our What A K-drama podcast. You can check that episode out here

The film tells the story of Woo Soo-Hwan and Yoo Da-Hee who team up for a case but both have very different reasons and backgrounds. 

Woo Soo-Hwan is portrayed by Kim Young-Kwang who you might know from ‘Pinocchio’, ‘The Good Doctor’ or ‘The Secret Life of my Secretary’. He runs a private detective agency after a rather troublesome past. He’s very much struggling with money and just seems like a bit of a quirky figure. He’s a solid Red Velvet stan and is collecting merch. 

He meets Yoo Da-Hee who is played by Lee Sun-Bin. You might know her from ‘Uncanny Counter’, ‘Criminal Minds’ or ‘Missing Nine’. She’s a rookie secret agent and through a misunderstanding thinks Woo Soo-Hwan is her partner on the arms trafficking case. 

It’s a case of unexpected teammates who eventually are a great team. 


With great performances from the cast and an incredibly funny script, this movie is a must-watch. If you like comedies or if you like action, you’ll get your fill. 

The two leads have great chemistry and deliver their lines and characters to perfection. We both have great fight scenes and hilarious slapstick. There’s multiple layers to the characters and you get to know them bit by bit. 

You can watch the trailer below.