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[Review] Lee Chae Yeon – SHOWDOWN

Lee Chae Yeon is back with her new mini-album ‘SHOWDOWN’. We’re stoked so let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘Don’t‘. This is a 2-step Dance track that plays with the vibration of a cell phone going off. I’m absolutely loving this track. It’s super catchy, has a great chorus and the beat is a vibe. The dance break was dope!

The music video has a stunning choreo, so defo check that out below.

After that comes ‘Summer Heat’ which brings up the heat with oriental instrumentals. According to the album description it’s “a song reminiscent of a passionate dance party that started under the hot sun.” I enjoyed the track and the ambience of it.

‘Supernatural’ is a sweet track with a cool guitar riff. I like the layering of the instrumentals. It’s a nice listen.

‘Standing on my own’ is up next. “It contains a determination to overcome things by going one step further despite being afraid at times.” It’s a pop ballad that will have you feel hopeful and you’ll be comforted by the notion that you can do it even if you’re alone.

The closing track is ‘Dreaming’ which starts with dreamy piano and strings. It’s a song for the fandom. Lee Chae Yeon is listed as co-writer for the lyrics and she means to express her love for everyone.

You can listen to ‘SHOWDOWN’ by Lee Chae Yeon on Spotify here.

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