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[Review] Kim Woo Seok – 3RD DESIRE [Reve]

Kim Woo Seok is finally back with his new EP ‘3RD DESIRE [Reve]‘. This release is the final part of his ‘DESIRE’ trilogy. It’s been a bit over a year since his last release, but Wook Seok has been busy not just creating awesome music, but also moving onto acting. He is definitely an all-rounder.

As usual he was very involved in the production and writing of this mini-album. Let’s get right into the music prepared for this release.


Kicking off this release we get ‘Ghostin’‘ with lovely guitar instrumentation and heavy bass. This single has a bit of a latin-rhythm vibes that makes it rather sexy and cool, the vocalisation and ad-libs are awesome, and make this song a solid star for this release.

The title track ‘Switch‘ follows up with a charming style and soft vocals, I loved the dreamy feel in this song and how easy listen it is. The music video follows up this style with almost angelical visuals, stunning animation and a super pretty set design. The MV for this single is aesthetics at its best, watch it below.

Changing the game completely we get ‘What More Can I Do?‘. Taking over with a mix of lo-fi and acoustic instrumentation. This song is definitely one of a kind and I liked its unique style and chill vibe.

A very sensual synth line and flow comes along in ‘Shame‘. This song is just super smooth from start to finish. The R&B style suits Woo Seok’s vocals perfectly, the breathiness added in this song made it even sexier. Just perfection.

Stunning orchestration and a lot of feels are present in ‘When spring comes‘. This ballad is absolutely breathtaking, the singing and musical arrangement is beautifully done and it truly feels like you are in a fairytale while listening to it.

Closing this EP we get ‘Satisfied‘, a super cool outro track with a groovy style and a lot of charisma.

Overall, this EP ‘3RD DESIRE [Reve]’ by Kim Woo Seok was a super fun listen with diversity of sound and a unique style.

Make sure to listen to this release here, and check out Kim Woo Seok’s previous release here.

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