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[Review] JANNABI – The Land Of Fantasy

The indie rock group JANNABI is back with their new album ‘The Land Of Fantasy’. We’ve very high expectations since the 2019 album ‘LEGEND’. So let’s take a look!

The Land Of Fantasy

We start off with this stunning intro ‘The Land Of Fantasy’. It feels like we’re venturing off on an adventure. It’s cinematic and reminds me of Peter Pan for some reason.

‘Oh Brave Morning Sun’ follows that. This is such a cute little song. The horns give it a really fun and happy feeling. It’s like we’re starting off our adventure by stepping on the yellow brick road. We’re still fresh, our hopes are high and we’re ready to conquer evil.

Next up is ‘A Ballad of Non Le Jon’. In the album description they wrote that after watching the documentary about The Beatles, they were inspired to write this song. We’re getting some interesting tonality with a lot of unexpected highs and lows. It’s fun and an interesting listen!

‘Confession Show’ feels like we’ve entered a circus show. It sounds like there’s a theremin added to the instrumentals, but I’m not 100% sure. The electric guitars feel twangy and bluesy.

Next up is ‘The King of Romance’. We’re still in the circus show, getting a full cabaret show that evolves into a cacophony. Maybe the heroes of our story were tricked in an illusion.

‘FAREWELL TO ARMS! + hymn for the cradle’ is such an interesting track. It feels a bit like an intermezzo. The choir and the horns make this a track with such a wide soundscape.

Next up

After that we get ‘Clay Pigeon Boy’. I was a bit surprised at how short the song is. But it’s lovely because the entire mood shifts and it feels like a new chapter in the album.

Next up is ‘Time’. This ballad has some wonderful emotive strings and when Jung-hoon hits us with his soft vocals I was close to tears. The guitar solo gave me chills and overall this track is a 10/10. The bridge is just WOW.

‘Summer II’ is dedicated to a little children’s park in front of their studio where they would go to watch the sunset. I like the waltz feeling it has to it.

Track 10 is the title track ‘I Know Where The Rainbow has Fallen‘. It comes accompanied with a brand new music video where we finally see our protagonists of our little adventure. This song feels incredibly wholesome. According to the album description, part of the lyrics come from a poem by poet Cheong Chi-yong.

‘Bluebird, Spread your Wings!’ comes after that with a lovely instrumentation. The flutes bring this super nice airy quality to the track.

The next track on the album is ‘Goodbye Dreamin’ Old Stars’. We’re getting an epilogue that closes our heroes’ story.

‘Come Back Home’ is the last track on the album and gives us proper closure. The track has a lot of chutzpah and manages to end the book by making us smile. If you need a grand closure to this grand adventure, this is the perfect soundtrack.


JANNABI really did such a good job with ‘The Land Of Fantasy’. It’s a wonderful listen from start to finish and each track having a lovely spot in the track list. Go ahead and listen to the album on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.