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[Review] Chung Ha – Bare&Rare, Pt. 1

Our queen Chung Ha is back to stun us with her latest album ‘Bare&Rare, Pt. 1’. I’m super stoked about this release, because I feel like it’s been a while. Let’s dive right in!

Bare&Rare, Pt. 1

We start off with ‘XXXX’. This track is such a cool beginning. The dark vibe fits with the theme of the album. Chung Ha wrote that this album is revealing her inner thoughts. In the description se wrote that this song is like a shard of glass, sharp and powerful.

Next up is the title track ‘Sparkling’. This is such a refreshing, summer track. The hyper-pop sound with the cool samples and lovely vocals create a fun energy. Chung Ha looks absolutely stunning in the music video. I am 100% here for the mermaid concept. The colorful eyeliner is giving me life.

‘Louder’ is a Dance Pop track that will undoubtedly leave you smiling. It’s fun, catchy and I love the plucky synths. The chanting in the bridge makes it even more fun and wholesome.

‘Crazy Like You’ is the only track with a feature. BIBI has been working with some of the coolest artists. I’m not surprised she showed up here as well. The crunchy sample works so well in this track. I love how they played with the tempo and abrupt changes. BIBI and Chung Ha is a killer combo we need in our lives. It’s so groovy!

Next up

Next up is ‘California Dream’. The fun pop track is embellished by the funky bass line. This is an easy-listening track that will have you vibing in no time.

‘Good Night My Princess’ is a love song to her mom. If you need a good cry, listen to this track. We get Chung Ha’s beautiful, heart-wrenching vocals and lovely instrumentals.

Following up is ‘Love Me Out Loud’. For some reason this feels very cathartic to listen to. It’s a club banger and would be a amazing to dance to.

The closing track is ‘Nuh-Uh’. The beat goes hard in this one! The balance between traditional instruments and an R&B beat is amazing. This is such an amazing closing track. I’m going to be obsessed by this one for a while. The chorus blew my mind. I love it!

Go ahead and listen to ‘Bare&Rare, Pt.1’ by Chung Ha on Spotify here.

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