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[Review] Billlie – the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one

2021 rookie group Billlie is back with their second mini-album ‘the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one‘. They started off strong with a unique storyline and amazing music to back it up.

This second mini-album is continuing their fantastic storytelling. We are thrilled to listen to the music they have prepared. Let’s dive in!

the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one

The title track ‘GingaMingaYo (the strange world)‘ comes up first in this album with a very catchy synth line. This single is a lot more lighthearted and youthful in comparison to their debut release. The distribution between vocals and rapping is near perfection, and I really enjoy the sound and fluff they went for in this single.

For the music video, Billlie transports viewers to a fantasy world with very well designed sets, incredible CGI, a cool choreography and the usual stunning visuals. Check it below.

Groovy tunes take over in ‘a sign – anonymous‘ and this single brings back old school vibes with a jazzy and smooth musical arrangement. This song was beautifully done. The little instrumental and synth additions throughout the song are lovely.

Next up

overlap (1/1)‘ plays next with an alternative R&B sound and amazing singing. Billlie’s singing in this song feels so mature that it’s hard to believe they are a rookie group. The song itself is a bop, a solid b-side.

With an alternative vibe we get ‘M◐◑N palace‘. Vocally this song is more pop based and the reverb used is super cool, the harmonisations are fantastic and I loved the full structure of the song, it was magical but also trendy and cool.

Closing this mini-album we get ‘believe‘, a synth track with a very soft style and dreamy vocals. The members do an amazing job delivering the lyrics and harmonising. This song is a very cute and heartwarming way to finish this release.

With this second mini-album Billlie is showing a totally new side musically. The variety of genres and sound is fantastic. I especially loved how at times each song feels as if it is sung by a completely different group. Their talent is insane.

Make sure to listen to this release here.

You can check out Billlie’s previous release here.

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