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[Review] 4MEN – The Eternal

4MEN is back to bless us with stellar vocals in their new mini-album ‘The Eternal’. This is the first mini-album by the 4th generation of 4MEN with the new members Haeun, Joseph and Hanbin.

The Eternal

We start off with the first track ‘You & Me’ featuring Yun Min Soo of the band VIBE. He was part of the first generation, so this is actually quite lovely. He also produced the song. ‘You & Me’ is a continuation of the song ‘Confession‘ which was one of 4MEN’s greatest hits. Honestly, this track is so soft.

The title track ‘Eternal’ is a stunning ballad with beautiful harmonies. Their voices are so deep, so I had to take a moment after the first couple of seconds. The belting had me utterly shook.

I just need to voice my cable placement appreciation for whoever arranged these cables to look so pretty.

Next up is the track ‘Truly’. The lyrics were written by the members and it was composed by Joseph. I love the piano in this song. Also that slight pause when the violins come in at around 1.30, gave me actual chills. The topic of this single is all about lingering feelings after a break-up. I genuinely love this track so much. It’s beautiful.

‘Still’ is another rock solid ballad. I’m just waiting for the moment when other idols are going to start covering this in variety shows. It’s a great track and I can’t tell you how much I love the lyric video. Someone walking through great landscapes is sometimes all you need.

The last track is the instrumental version of ‘Eternal’.

The mini-album ‘Eternal’ by 4MEN was such a great listen. I have high hopes for this generation of 4MEN. I’m sure they’ll do great and release many amazing ballads. You can find the mini-album on Spotify here.

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