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Rapper In The Spotlight: Omega Sapien

For this week’s Rapper In The Spotlight we want to share the career of a rapper with a unique flow and style. Let’s talk about Omega Sapien.

Balming Tiger

Jeon Ui-seok (aka. Omega Sapien) started off his career as part of the Balming Tiger crew in 2018 with the single ‘Rich & Clear’. Before his official debut he had already released the single ‘Let’s Go Beam’ independently. 

In 2019, he released along with the Balming Tiger crew the hit song ‘Armadillo’. If you are into hip-hop this single is a must have in your playlist, ‘Armadillo’ is just a very creative and fun listen, from its structure to its music video it is a crazy experience. Check it below.

This same year he also released his second single ‘Pop the Tag’, if you want to listen to a single that is interesting and also goes hard, this is the ONE.

He came back in 2020 with the pre-release singles ‘Serenade for Mrs.Jeon’ and ‘Ah! Ego’. Both singles were part of his first album ‘Garlic’.

In 2021 he teamed up with Lil Cherry for the single ‘CHROMEHEARTSRING’. This duo really went hard in this track and delivered the alternative sound we expected from them. 

Latest releases

He started off 2022 with the release of the remix album ‘Garlic and the Mugwort: The Genesis’. This release was followed by the EP ‘Wuga’ which included features by Sega Bodega and Vernon of Seventeen.

Check his Soundcloud to discover even more of his music, you can follow him on Instagram for very interesting pics, and you can check his official releases here

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