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In today’s Offstage we are talking about a young producer whose talent is unbelievable. We are diving into the works of Choi Rae Sung aka. MILLENNIUM. 

MILLENNIUM had his start in the entertainment industry when he participated in the show ‘K-pop Star 3’ at the age of twelve. He became a YG Entertainment trainee after the show and gained a lot of attention during his participation in the Stray Kids reality show as part of YG trainees. 

Check below a compilation of his moments in the show. 

Under YG Entertainment, Rae Sung learned how to compose songs and started working as a producer for YG artists. Among the many hits he has produced and co-produced there are iKON’s ‘BLING BLING’, ‘Rubber Band’, ‘FREEDOM’ and ‘Love Scenario’, WINNER’s ‘Hello’, TREASURE’s ‘Slowmotion’, among many others. 

Check the music videos below.

MILLENNIUM decided to stop his idol training and become a producer. He is known for going under this alias and also the name Yunghoodieboii.

He is now a YG Entertainment producer, however, he has also produced for other artists like Yawwa, NOA, MCMong, and B.I for his solo career. Check a few of the tracks he has produced below.

This year he was featured in the single ‘CLOUDY’ by Taeo. Listen to this single below. 

He also has a few solo singles, check them below, they are total vibes. 

MILLENNIUM  is an all-rounder, his talent is fantastic and he is just starting. Follow him on Instagram for cute shots and his latest works. 

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