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[Offstage] ETUI Collective

For today’s Offstage feature I really wanted to write about another Production house that’s why I chose to write about ETUI Collective. Even if you haven’t heard of them, if you’ve watched some of the most popular music videos of the last couple of years, you’ve seen work created by them. So let’s take a look.

ETUI Collective

The multimedia company ETUI Collective was founded in 2014 and has been not only steadily creating some amazing music videos, but also some stunning commercials for products like YSL, Samsung and Adidas. They’re based in both New York and Seoul and according to their website, they’re aiming to “create works that are original and unbound to pre-existing norms.”

Here are some stunning examples of their commercial work.

Kim Wooje seems to be the director of quite a few videos created by ETUI Collective. Here’s the link to his Twitter and his Instagram.

Now let’s see which videos they worked on in the K-pop scene. 

One of their most recent projects, the one that got me to look a little bit deeper into them, is their video for ‘JUNGLE’ by CIX. There’s so much to be said about this video and I feel like I won’t do it much credit. Just know that the story in the MV revolves around Dante’s ‘inferno’ and the layers of hell. 

Definitely read the caption of this Instagram post by cinematographer Kim Myeongje about the behind the scenes inspiration.

SM Entertainment

They also worked on both versions of ‘Regular’ by NCT 127.

It’s not the only time they worked together with NCT. If you remember being shook by the NCTmentary, go ahead and thank them. Some of the artwork was done by Choi Jaehoon, the same artist responsible for ‘Forever Rain’ by RM. 

ETUI Collective is a frequent collaborator with SM Entertainment. They worked on videos for SHINee, Taemin, BoA and Red Velvet. 

Though they also branched out and made videos for SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, OnlyOneOf and DAY6.

There’s even a couple of videos that we featured in our Music Video Recommendations like the one by Primary for ‘WOOZOO’.

ETUI Collective really has some amazing brains working for them. Everytime I watch a video created by them, I’m in awe of what they’ve created. They make sure that the artists shine in the best possible way. 

Go ahead and follow them on their Instagram

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