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Ode To The Artist: THETHE

We’re back with a new Ode To The Artist and this time we wanted to write about the band THETHE. Let’s dive right in!


THETHE is a band formed in 1997 and they’ve been focusing on more alternative rock. Currently the line-up consists of Lee Hyun-young (vocalist) and Kim Youngjun (guitarist, producer).

These are some of the singers who have been in the group: Park Hye-kyung (1997-1999), Han Hee-jung (2001-2003), In-hee Myung (2004-2008), Hye-joo Lee (2009 EP), Yang Song-hyeon (2011) and since 2013 Lee Hyun-young has joined.

Let’s take a look at some of their most famous releases, as you can imagine they’ve released quite a few things over the last 27 years.

If you listen to anything on Spotify, make sure it is ‘The 4th album’ which is one of their most prolific works. You can find it here on Spotify. Either that or the album ‘The more the better’.

THETHE was really on the forefront of the alt rock scene in Korea and even won the very first Korean Music Award ‘Album of the year’.

If you’re into Korean rock, this is one band you can’t miss out on.

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