Photo Credits: Magic Strawberry Sound

MV Rec: Se So Neon – Jayu

We are back with a new Music Video Recommendation, and this time we are sharing the alternative aesthetics and stunning performance in Se So Neon’s music video for the single ‘Jayu’.

The ‘Jayu’ music video is divided into three main shots, in one we get Soyoon in her small flat with very organic and rather interesting visuals. Secondly, the performance of the well-known actor Yoo Ah-in, who does a breathtakingly emotional performance with just facial expressions. Lastly, we get shots of the world in chaos under the imagery of heavy floods, fires and so on. 

In between, we see Se So Neon performing, and gradually as ‘Jayu’ develops the world seems to be getting back to its normal nature.

Se So Neon pulled off a rather abstract concept for this music video, and it is very much open to interpretation, making it even more appealing to watch. Let us know what you think of it in the comments, and watch ‘Jayu’ below. 

Listen to this single here.

Kathleen Herrera
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