Photo Credits: you.will.knovv

MV Rec: Rad Museum – Wet Umbrella / This Night

In this week’s MV Rec we are sharing an underrated gem that more people need to listen to. Rad Museum is an amazing singer, and his music is super good. Do yourself a favor and listen to his releases here, if you are into R&B I’m sure you have stumbled upon one of his songs.

Now let’s go back to the MV Rec. ‘Wet Umbrella / This Night’ was a creative vision by Rad Museum himself, and stunningly directed by Park Hyeongjun, this music video is divided in two parts, the first part are the visuals for ‘Wet Umbrella’ with more vulnerable and emotional aesthetics and beautiful shots.

The second part belongs to ‘This Night’. In this one there is more alternative direction and filming, the visuals come straight out of a painting or an unconventional video editorial for a fashion magazine, and it is absolutely stunning.

You can watch this music video below. 

Kathleen Herrera
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