Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

KANGTA celebrates his 25th anniversary with ‘Christmas in July’

The one and only KANGTA is back with a brand new single album and his splendid power vocals. This is the second part of his anniversary project, make sure to check the first single here.

Christmas in July‘ is the title of this release and includes the title track under the same time, its Chinese version and the single ‘Memories of Summer 2021‘.

Christmas in July‘ brings the romance in a pop ballad with soft vocals and stunning instrumentation, the music video is super soft with a very pastel and warm colour palette. Check it below.

Next up is ‘Memories of Summer 2021‘, this almost acoustic track is soft from start to finish. The harmonizations are really good, and overall gave this song a very early autumn feel with a nostalgic touch.

You can listen to this release here.

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