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K-pop Songs that made it to TikTok

TikTok is insanely popular and it goes without saying that K-pop stans are also using the platform to help boost their favorite artists. If you’ve spent any time on the app you know that once an audio gets popular, you’ll get to see many creative iterations. It’s the perfect way to get a little soundbite of a track stuck in your head for a couple of days. 

Let’s take a look at some of K-pop’s biggest hits on TikTok.

TXT – ‘Anti-Romantic’

‘Anti-Romantic’ really took over and was very close to becoming the ‘Dolphin cult’ from last year. Nonetheless, this song is a bop and the dance created by @irenedoll was both hilarious and super cute. It helped the b-side become insanely popular ahead of the album release. 

Block B – ‘Nillili Mambo’

Soobin from TXT covered this track during one of his VLives and the sound was promptly put on TikTok. His version of the catchy phrase ‘Bye guys, hi ladies’ was pasted on top of the 2012 original by Block B and had many fans and non-fans posting ‘glow up’ videos. Currently the sound has 147.6K videos so it’s safe to say it was quite the hit. 

TWICE – ’The Feels’

We all know ‘The Feels’ choreography just from being exposed to it on TikTok. We love this song and its little dance is super easy and extra catchy. It was great to see so many people from all walks of life vibe to this song.


This song rocks like no other. It’s girl power and I love it! The chorus with the sweet synths got insanely popular. It was a joy to watch and had us immediately vibe to whatever TikTok we were watching. 

Enhypen – ‘Fever’

The chorus of ‘Fever’ is definitely addictive. I’ve seen countless videos of the choreography performed by the group and fans alike. Everyone did a fantastic job and it definitely helped the song get stuck in my head for a couple of weeks.

Weeekly – ‘After School’ 

Another 2021 bop that left no crumbs. Currently there are more than 380k videos. That is insane but it shows that everyone was absolutely obsessed. There’s everything from dance videos to cooking tutorials. It’s brilliant. 

HyunA – ‘I’m not cool’

This track really filled the make-up shaped hole in my TikTok for you page. I got to see some amazing make-up looks and was completely in awe of all the talent these folks have. I was absolutely shook and I loved watching their skills. 

Aespa – ‘Next Level’

Saying that everyone was dancing to ‘Next Level’ will minimize the impact of this song on TikTok. From this track we got legendary dance covers and hilarious clips. 

LISA – ‘Money’

As soon as ‘Money’ dropped, users had already created a choreo for this song. Everything got even better when the official choreography was released, and from there on we got millions of users killing it dancing to this hit.

This was just a selection of some of the K-pop TikTok audios we came across a lot. There were a lot more but we had to pick out some of our favorites.