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K-pop Releases This Week

A new Monday means another week filled with amazing K-pop Comebacks and Releases. Let’s dive in to see who’s coming back this week!


Moonbin and Sanha, two members of ASTRO will be releasing their debut mini-album as a sub-unit.

Stray Kids are dropping their repackaged album.


B.O.Y. are releasing ‘Phase Two; WE’.

We’re getting a new single by Kim Jeonguk.

The boys from VAV are back with their new mini-album.

Former B.A.P. member Zelo will be releasing his new EP.


UNVS are back with the single album ‘Sand Castle’.

The girls from Fromis_9 are finally back with a new mini-album!

H1GHR Music is teaming up again to release ‘Blue Tape’. Two weeks ago, they dropped ‘Red Tape’, so go check that out!


KNK is back!!

Punchnello and Kid Milli are teaming up for a new single.

The Blank Shop under Antenna Music is releasing his album.


2Z is releasing their new song ‘Not Without U’.

Treasure are already back with a new single album.

That’s it for this week’s K-pop Releases and Comebacks. Stay tuned for our reviews! Happy Listening!

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.