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🍔 Here’s the song you ordered! 💫

TRENDZ has successfully finished their world tour and came back with the 4th single [DREAMLIKE]. The members have participated in the lyrics as always, for the title song ‘GLOW’. [DREAMLIKE] also includes ‘Learn to Love’, which was loved by the fans after getting revealed at their world tour. Find TRENDZ’s charm on their new album [DREAMLIKE], consisting of 4 different style music.


‘GLOW’ is a song with exotic strings and funky bass sound, and shows a message that the days we’re together will shine someday!💫

🔋 CRAXY back with a MEGACREW 🎧

CRAXY, the girl band well known for the powerful performance is back after a year with [RE_]. The title song ‘STUPIDZ’ is based on old-school style boom bap. The rough drum loop goes well with CRAXY’s confident attitude and strong concept. The new album proves that CRAXY is about to appeal more on the members’ tough sides, appealing with the girl-crush moments. 


The music video has gained big expectations with the MEGA Teaser. Check the powerful dance battle by CRAXY and the MegaCrew!

🎨 Fill in the BLANK with ROCKY’s colorful attemps! 🖍

ROCKY‘s 2nd Mini Album [BLANK] is finally out now! After his solo debut, ROCKY is appealing with his own musical world. He participated in lyrics and songwriting for all tracks of the new EP. As the album title suggests, ROCKY intended to fill out the blank with his various attemps and he hopes the fans ‘HAMO’ could experience it together.

The first track ‘We still love you‘ is a goodbye-song for a loved one. HAMOs would fully relate to the song. After ‘Jealously’ that sings about the self-destroying jealousy that blooms dangerously, ‘Masterpiece’ gives HAMOs a message to be more confident and positive to themselves. The last song ‘Read you’ is a sad song about breakup and regret.

⬆️ [MV] ROCKY – Jealousy  

The monotone background makes a different atmosphere from the former music video of ‘LUCKY ROCKY’.

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