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J.DON releases his 1st single album ‘ON THE TRACK’

N.Flying’s leader and rapper Seunghyub (aka. J.DON) just released his first single album ‘ON THE TRACK‘, including the self-written singles ‘Clicker’, ‘Moon & Cheese’ and ‘Superstar’.

With a groovy hip-hop inspired track ‘Clicker‘ opens this debut single album and it is also the title track. This song is funky and super playful, it is a very addictive listen with its dynamic instrumentation and rhythm.

As expected the music video follows the playful and fun theme of the track and the little references to N.Flying were super cute. Check it below.

Moon & Cheese‘ is next starting off with a very interesting instrumentation that mixes hip-hop and lo-fi beats with a guitar in perfect harmony. This song is well balanced and I totally dig the alternative and unique sound they went for. It’s one of a kind and it is super refreshing.

The last track of this single album is ‘Superstar‘ featuring indie singer CHEEZE. The Bossa Nova rhythm in this song is very impressive, and also a very unexpected addition for a track that is mainly driven by a guitar riff. Loved this collab to bits! CHEEZE vocals go extremely well with the vibe and flow of this song.

You can listen to this release here.

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