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[Indie Pick] Lanalogue

We’re back with a new Indie Pick, this week we’re taking a closer look at the band Lanalogue. Let’s dive in!


Lanalogue debuted in September 2020 with the single album ‘The Last Lanalogue’. The current members are Lyoon, Kyunue, E-Min, Tatsu and Meteor. However, the band started out as a duo with Lyoon and Kyunue. Lanalogue also has an honorary member, Mr. Manager which is, as the name states, their manager. 

The name Lanalogue comes from the idea that the members are the last generation to grow up ‘analogue’ without any technology. 

Their next single ‘Boatman’ came out a month later in October 2020.

Then in December, Lanalogue released ‘A-Asking’.

‘Star Seoul’ was the last release of 2020.

2021 started off with ‘Ladio – Call Me By Your Name’.

‘The Queen’ featuring Koonzo of GOLDSKINZ was released next. 

In March the single ‘White Light’ featuring Nody Cika came out.

‘Atlantis’ was dropped in April.

‘ERNY’, ‘WIND RIDER’ and ‘CAFFEINE’ came out next. The last track ‘CAFFEINE’ features Kim Bada. 

The last release was the single album ‘As I Am’ with the two singles ‘Nightcrawler’ and ‘Shinosaka’. We featured them in our Weekly K-Indie Report here.

Lanalogue has a very cool discography that goes from hard rock to softer indie rock. The fact that they can release a music video for every release of really good quality as well, helps them create a solid fandom. I’m very intrigued to see where they go next. 

You can find them on Instagram here and on Spotify here

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