Photo Credits: H1GHR Music/ Indigo Music/ 멋이밴놈

GroovyRoom X JUSTHIS X MUSHVENOM release ‘G+Jus’

GroovyRoom, JUSTHIS and MUSHVENOM teamed up for the release of the single album ‘G+Jus‘, with a lengthy amount of features that promise nothing but excellent quality music.

The title track ‘Take It‘ features these three artists and producers, and as expected it’s just fire, with an almost latin inspired track this song has a fantastic flow and delivery of verses. The guitar and trumpet inclusion was just exquisite. The quality of this track is just insane.

VVS (H1GHR REMIX)‘ is next featuring JUSTHIS, produced by GroovyRoom and includes H1GHR Music artists pH-1, BIG NAUGHTY, TRADE L, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park and Kidd King.

This track as expected from H1GHR Music artists goes hard, with fierce verses and insane flow. Check it below.

Last on this release is ‘Achoo Remix‘, featuring Mirani, pH-1, Munchman, Skinny Brown, Louie, Leellamarz, Ourealgoat, Dbo, Sik-K, Owen, Kid Milli, Swings, Nudeboi Seo, TRADE L, Coogie, Blase, sokodomo, Khundi Panda, Lil Moshpit and Khakii.

This track was also produced by GroovyRoom and JUSTHIS, and on its 11 minute runtime delivers verses left, right and center, cypher style. What a TUNE!

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