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EP Review: GOT7- Call My Name

GOT7 is back with their new EP ‘Call My Name’ and this release shows how much they have evolved musically since they debuted in 2014.

When I first listened to this release I felt like I was listening to a new side of GOT7, more mature and refreshing. I absolutely loved it.

Call My Name

The EP kicks off with the title track ‘You Calling My Name’ and it sets the mood of this new release. It’s got an almost ballad like feel to it that I really liked, you can take a look at the music video below. 

Pray’ is the second song of this album and has a more up-beat pop style, my favorite part is definitely the hook that’s first with Jackon’s and then Mark’s deep voice. It’s incredible.  

Now or Never’ is up next and it features DJ Jonas Blue. It’s also one of my favorite songs of this release. The electronic tunes and that inclusion of piano worked amazingly, an absolute bop!

Thursday’ comes in with soft-pop tunes that allows the members to show off their vocals, which is always appreciated. ‘Run Away’ is next and this song goes from pop driven to an almost funky style. It’s super fun to listen to, super refreshing and different.

The last track of this EP is ‘Crash and Burn’, and this song is quite different from the rest as well. It has a beautifully blended mix of tunes, you can clearly hear electronic music, hip-hop and even an acoustic piano at one stage, a total masterpiece. 

Something that really surprised me about this release is how vocal it is, you can clearly appreciate the voices of all the members and how well they blend together. It’s a release that shows a different side of GOT7. Also, I’m going to repeat this until the end of time, it shows how talented they are.

Make sure to listen to the full discography of GOT7, you can check that below, and let us now what your favorite track is of this ‘Call My Name’.

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