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EP Review: 2Z – Nostrum

The rookie idol band 2Z (TuZi) is back with their second EP ‘Nostrum’. This very talented group debuted just last January under Morph Management and we are already hyped up to see so much talent in one single band. 


This EP starts off with the title track ‘Doctor’, the first thing I could think of is how perfect this song is to be an anime OST. It has that vibe, beat and rhythm. The vocals in this band are really smooth and fierce. The main vocalist Hojin and rapper Hyunwoong are extremely good and I totally dig their style. Check out the music video below.

25’ plays next with a mix between electronic rock and pop that is just so refreshing to listen to. I loved the layering and mixing in this track. It is very distinct, unique and extremely enjoyable if you are into this style.

We go pop-rock with ‘Not Bad’, this song is the perfect one to appreciate the talents of Bumjun on the drums, Jiseob on the guitar and Junghyun on the bass guitar. These guys are GOOD and I just can’t get enough of their style and music.

Closing this extended play we have ‘Doctor Instrumental’, and if in ‘Not Bad’ you can hear the talent of the guys in the drums, guitar and bass sound. In this one you get to fully acknowledge how incredibly talented they are. For a bit over three minutes you get to hear the work of the band as musicians and I just can’t get enough of this almost fully instrumental song.

Overall, Nostrum is a release that I feel opens the door to the public to appreciate the talent of this band, listeners can get a grasp of the style and enjoy their talent. Listen to this EP below, and let us know what you think of this rookie band. 

Kathleen Herrera
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