B-)AND | #5 The power of greenness, ‘Mosshill’

B-)AND #4 Band ‘Mosshill’
‘Mosshill’, the 5th team ‘B-)AND’ presents.

Band ‘Mosshill’ made a debut in June 2023, releasing [Grave].


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The band consists of 4 members – Joni Young(vocal/guitar), Cho Seokwon(guitar), Choi Hanna(bass) and An Hanbin(drum). They named the band ‘Mosshill’ after getting captivated by the moss that proliferates in the dark to cover the land. Their song has the mysterious and tough energy of a moss, and their music gives power to the youth. 

Joni Young(vocal/guitar), Cho Seokwon(guitar), Choi Hanna(bass), An Hanbin(drum)

Mirrorball Music introduces the rookie of Gyeongnam band scene, ‘Mosshill’’s music! 

The mysterious and tough energy of moss, Mosshill’s first EP [Grave]
Release Date | 2023.06.09

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The debut EP contains 3 tracks including ‘Grave’, the song for those who live in fleeting moments.

recklessness that only twenties can have, but bold as well. This is a blueprint for the land that Mosshill will reach, and is based on the alternative genre with rich sounds and self-mocking lyrics delicately blended together. 

Mosshill – Grave

The resonation of great nature, Mosshill’s 1st Single [Green Noise]
Release Date | 2023.11.08

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This double single clearly shows the sense of space shown on alternative music. When you listen to the two songs that allude to the wonders of nature along with the album art that conveys vastness, you can feel the artistry of Mosshill even deeper.

Mosshill – Green Noise

The magical moment of the first snow, 2nd Single [My White]
Release Date | 2022.01.19

앨범커버_모스힐 (Mosshill)_나의 하양

While keeping their own musical tone, Mosshill’s 2nd single was played more calmly to express the romantic feelings of winter. It’s an impressive single with warm melodies and snowflake-like lyrics.

Mosshill – My White

Youth’s automatic driving to seek salvation, 3rd single [Audio Pilot]
Release Date | 2024.06.03

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Mosshill’s third single [Auto Pilot] was made by ‘James Record’, Daegu’s music pub which has open in 2016. James Record, continuously releasing compilation albums with Gyeonsang province’s musicians, has dropped two compilation albums with the themes of ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’ this year and ‘Auto Pilot’ is in the summer album. Other great artists like ‘Byul.org’ has participated in the compilation together, enhancing the completeness of the album.

Mosshill – Auto Pilot

This album shows you the toughness of the band through clear melody lines and variations. This single that highlights the moments of youth contains urban material that’s a little different from past songs that used natural phenomena such as moss and snow.

Mosshill is a band that is solidifying its position in the indie scene through continuous album work and performances. Based on the strong vitality that the band name suggests, we sincerely hope they will be able to deliver strength and comfort to youth for a long time.

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+ If you liked Mosshill’s music, also check the songs by ‘Joni Young’, the lead vocalist of the band!

아티스트 이미지_조니영 앨범커버_조니영_이제라도 돌아보려 합니다

Joni Young – Turn Around Now

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