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[Actor Spotlight] Kang Ae-Shim

We’re back with a new actor spotlight and this time we’re taking a look at actress Kang Ae-Shim. Let’s dive into her career!

Kang had her first role in the 2006 comedy ‘Old Miss Diary’. The years after that she had several smaller roles in movies like ‘Mother’, ‘A man who was superman’, ‘secret love’ and ‘Another Way’.

Her first role in a K-drama came in 2018 with the K-drama ‘Voice 2’ and later on ‘Voice 3’.

She also performed in the series ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘Be Melodramatic’.

Kang has a ton of roles as your favorite actor’s mom, so here are a few of our favorites

‘Move to heaven’

‘Mad for each other’

‘When the camellia blooms’

‘Concrete Utopia’

 ‘One day off’

‘Kim Jiyoung: Born 1982’

‘Diary of a prosecutor’

‘Tell me what you saw’

‘No, Thank You’

‘Frankly Speaking’

‘Queen of Divorce’

‘Divorce Attorney Shin’

Kang is one of those underrated actresses that you can count on to deliver. Whether it’s a heartfelt performance or a real piece of work, both will be grand performances.

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