Photo Credits: Bluedot Entertainment

Woo!ah! comes back with their 4th single album ‘Pit-a-Pat’

The girls from Woo!Ah! are back with their fourth single album ‘Pit-a-Pat‘.

For this release they included two brand new singles, starting with the title track ‘Rollercoaster‘ and a funky feel. If you are up to listen to a fun mix of EDM/Synth and a very catchy hook, this single is for you. Their vocals are lovely and the hype of this single is super fun.

For the music video, we get a touch of retro visual with modern aesthetics, a lot of colour and a very cute performance. The members’ facial expressions were fantastic and I totally loved the energy in this music video. Watch it below.

LOVE THING‘ follows up with R&B and airy singing. This single is a smooth listen, the soft but groovy rhythm is one of a kind and the vocals are super delicate. The beat changes are flawless and the harmonisation just perfection.

Woo!Ah! delivered a lovely single album, with two singes that are completely different and successfully show two completely different sides of the group. Make sure to listen to this release here.

Kathleen Herrera
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