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[Review] Find Me In Your Memory

Today we are back with a story about healing and starting over, but what would happen if you just can’t forget?

Find Me in Your Memory’ is a 2020 MBC drama written by Kim Yoon-joo and Yoon Ji-hyun, and directed by Oh Hyun-jong and Lee Soo-hyun. 

The Plot

Lee Jung-hoon (Kim Dong-wook) is an anchorman from a well-known Live News program. He suffers from a unique condition that makes him remember every single moment of his life. Though his condition is beneficial for his career, he has suffered due to vivid memories of things that happened in his past, including the death of his first love.

On the other side, Yeo Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young) is a bubbly and well-known actress, she is carefree and makes everyone around her feel comfortable and happy. However, this is due to her memory loss where she suppressed a lot of her more painful memories.

Jung-hoon and Ha-jin meet when he is doing an exclusive interview with her for his program. He tries to expose things she has done unintentionally but suffers from a small shock after she tells him her life motto which is the same as his first love’s. It makes the memories and feelings related to her death come back again.


Throughout this drama, Jung-hoon starts finding out more about Ha-jin and her link with his first love, but in doing so he ends up developing feelings for her after getting to know the person she is.

Ha-jin struggles with flashbacks from her memories and tries to connect them, but she also needs to move forward with her life, her career and even her new found love Jung-hoon. She has the support of her sister and manager Yeo Ha-kyung (Kim Seul-gi), who has always been by her side since she lost her memories, and protects her from any danger.

Jung-hoon from his side has his neuropsychiatrist and best friend Yoo Tae-eun (Yoon Jon-hoon), who helps him when he struggles with the feelings that come with the recall of memories from his past. Tae-eun also happens to be the doctor that treated Ha-jin before and after her memory loss.

The power of healing

Find Me in Your Memory’ takes the next step into the full ‘healing drama’ genre. Jung-hoon and Ha-jin have had complicated and painful moments in life, but with each other’s help along with the people surrounding them, they are able to move forward and become better versions of themselves.

This drama pays a lot of attention to the process of accepting loss and moving forward. Its storyline might move a bit slow for many, but this slowness was carefully done to explain the why’s of each situation, which I found very interesting.

If you are up to watch a heartfelt drama, make sure to check out ‘Find Me in Your Memory’. This drama has the power of bringing people to tears with its emotional acting and story.

The drama is available on Netflix. You can watch the trailer below. 

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