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[Review] Ailee – I’m

Vocal queen Ailee is back with a highly anticipated brand new EP. ‘I’m’ is the title of this release, and we are waiting for nothing but incredible vocals that will take our breath away. Let’s dive into the music.


One Day by Chance’ is the first track of this release. From the very start we get heartfelt orchestration that translates into chills as soon as it starts playing, the violin, the piano and Ailee’s vocals are a mix made in heaven. Truly stunning. 

The title track ‘When We Were In Love’ plays with a piano accompaniment, Ailee singing and a very much emotional flow that continues to build up for the full length of this track. Definitely the perfect title track for this release.

With a more chill ballad vibe we get ‘Beautiful Disaster’, this track is just light hearted and such an easy listen, the instrumentals and layering are super satisfying and beautifully arranged. It is definitely a song to sit and enjoy listening to.

We are nearing the end with ‘What about it’, this almost fully instrumental track features Ailee’s vocals in a bit of a different manner. Her voice feels quite airy, like a whisper in the ear, and it’s an incredible and quite absorbing experience.

What If I’ plays last on this extended play, with a pop-ballad flow and very much enjoyable flow that puts an end to the emotional state its predecessors built up. This song is a clean end to this very emotional and incredibly well done release, Ailee definitely delivered and exceeded everything we waited for with her music.

You can listen to this release here.

Kathleen Herrera
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