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[Offstage] Teddy Park

Today’s feature is a well known artist, producer and composer who has been in the music industry for years, and has many well-known songs in his writing repertoire. Today we will talk about YG producer and The Black Label CEO Teddy Park.

Teddy Park started in the music industry as a part of the boy group 1TYM, however after this group ended its activities he stayed as a producer in YG Entertainment. 

R&B/Hip Hop Sound

Describing Teddy’s influences and music style can be rather hard, his entire discography and lengthy producing, composing and writing credits are diverse. 

A few of his tracks are R&B rooted, however, he has created some of the most hype, EDM/POP influenced tracks that have topped the charts. Unforgettable bops such as ‘Lollipop’ by Big Bang and 2NE1 and ‘I Am the Best’, were produced and written by him. 

Teddy wrote and produced most of 2NE1’s discography, including CL’s debut song ‘The Baddest Female’ in 2013.

As a YG Producer he also took part in the production of Big Bang’s discography and the member’s solo work. Here are a few of my favourite songs that were produced by him.

In 2016 Teddy started writing and producing for the YG’s newly formed girl group Blackpink, creating this group’s massive debut hit ‘Boombayah’.

In the same year he also started up his label The Black Label as a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. Currently, this label is home to big names such as Zion T. and Somi.

In 2017, Teddy took part in the production and composition of a few of the biggest hits of the year including G-Dragon’s ‘Act I: 개소리 (Bullshit)’, Blackpink’s ‘As If It’s Your Last’, Taeyang’s ‘Darling’ and Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’.

In recent years, Teddy has continued his producing and writing for YG and The Black Label artists, and many of these tracks have topped the charts.

Something undeniable is the incredible vision and skills he has to create songs that fit the artist, and how timeless some of these have become. 

Below you can check a few of my favourite songs he has produced or composed for different artists recently. Make sure to keep an eye on the talent under these two big labels, amazing music is probably about to come. 

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